Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Greek bodybuilder Giorgos Xanthis

Country: Greece
Birthdate: 1987
Height: 172cm/5'8''
Competition weight: 90kg/200lb
Off season weight: 110kg/245lb

Sunday, May 1, 2016

May muscle mix

Essam El Sayed (Egypt)

Eduardo Correa (Brazil)

Giannis Magos (Greece)

Justin Compton (USA)

Navtej Singh (India)

Jadran Damjanovic (Croatia)

John Cifra (Philippines)

Murat Tolga (Turkey)

Meysam Keshvari (Iran)

Mike Zylstra (Canda)

Dani Kaganovich (Israel)

David Martinez Campos (Spain)

Lukas Wyler (Switzerland)

Aldo Foladore (Italy)

Sergey Kostel (Belaruss)

Mahmoud Al Wardy (Iraq)

Sergey Kulaev (Russia)

John Leslie (South Africa)


Thursday, April 28, 2016

Swedish male model and bodybuilder Pete Lind

Pete Lind (or Peter Lindgren) is an impressive tall muscular guy from Sweden. He is 27yo with a great pair of biceps and as you can see, he's proud of his huge arms!

Country: Sweden
Birthdate: 1989
Height: 185cm/6'1''
Weight: 110-118kg/245-260lb