Sunday, September 30, 2018

Maltese IFBB Pro Luke Debono

Luke Debono is a special education teacher in England and also a professional bodybuilder. He was introduced to bodybuilding at the age of 14 to improve his strength for water polo because he was very skinny. 
Luke Debono graduated successfully from the University of Malta and the University of Kent in England. 
In 2006, he won the Super-Heavyweight Class and the Overall Title of the IFBB Arnold Classic Europe 2016 in Barcelona and the Overall Title of the Ben Legacy Cup in Finland. With this achievement on the European bodybuilding stage, he got his Pro Card when he was only 23yo!

Country: Malta
Birthdate: 1993
Height: ?
Competition weight: +100kg/220lb
Off season weight: ?

Friday, September 21, 2018

The Modern Spartan from Florida - Nick Pulos

Nick Pulos is an actor/bodybuilder from Orlando, Florida. This gigantic muscular man is almost 2 meters in high (195cm/6'5'') and his weight can reach about 130kg/290lb.
As Nick himself has confessed on his Instagram account, acting has always been his passion, although it's a new professional path for him. Until 2017 and for a decade, he was a field technician and purchasing manager for a telecommunications company. Nick always knew he wanted to do something "superhuman" and before college, he even went to a firefighter's academy. TV shows like Even Steven's aroused Nick's interest in acting and Dragon Ball Z/Jay Cutler were his inspiration for bodybuilding (2nd place in NPC Tahoe Show 2013 in Super-Heavyweight Class). 
After "juggling" a full-time Telecommunications career and part-time interpreting cases, he has finally achieved his dream despite being warned that it was "almost impossible" to enter the entertainment industry. 

Enjoy the huge "Modern Spartan", a new big muscle star!

Country: USA/Greece
Birthdate: ?
Height: 195cm/6'5''
Weight: 125-130kg/275-290lb