Friday, July 8, 2011

Haroldas Dambrauskas

Robert Burneika is not the only impressive Lithuanian bodybuilder...
Here is Haroldas Dambrauskas, another big beef! He lives in London and his goal is to become an IFBB Pro.

Ο Haroldas Dambrauskas είναι ένας Λιθουανός bodybuilder που δραστηριοποιείται στην Αγγλία... διαθέτει ένα πολύ εντυπωσιακό καλούπι που φτάνει τα 115kg σε περίοδο όγκου!
Τρελό γομάρι ε;

Country: Lithuania
Birthdate: 1979
Height: 172cm/5'8''
Off season weight: 115kg/254lb
Competition weight: 95kg/209lb
Arms: 50cm/20''


Ahmad Haziq Azlan said...

big massive muscle!

Cochynolo said...

Incredible! I wouldn't mind him laying on top of me with those 115 kilos of pure muscle beef. Those tattoos really compliment his magnificent physique.

george758555 said...

Πραγματικα τρελλο γομαρι !
Καταπληκτικο φουσκωμα !

Anonymous said...

what stupid tats. Ruins it all.

iain said...

I can't believe he lives in Lodnon with all those firearms; it's illegal in the UK to possess that many weapons. And what a pity he has to bolster his sense of "masculinity" by touting firearms; it simply makes him appear pathetic.

Cochynolo said...

Jealousy is the only thing making people appear pathetic. Nothing more, nothing less.

Anonymous said...

Iain don't be such a douchebag. He was posing with some guns. Big deal. The fact is that the man is a fucking monster and looks amazing.